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Due to mountainous terrain in the vicinity of Chambéry airport, it is considered essential that pilots are well familiar with approach, missed approach, circling manoeuvres, and departure procedures.

The scene contains hundreds of objects and buildings, castles and churches modeled, making the immersion even more realistic.

Ground textures realized in very high resolution from photographs (10 cm / pixel).

Specific texture set for summer and winter (LLH-Options configuration utility provided).

Autogen specific to the area around the airport.

The LLH12 Chambéry scene is perfectly compatible with the meshes and the photographic cover scenes available on the market.

The airport is only a few kilometers away from the historic Chambéry airfield in Challes-les-Eaux (LLH1).

Click to see the pictures Diapos LLH12 CHAMBERY

System requirements :

FSX (Acceleration or SP2) or P3d (v3, v4, v5)

CPU Intel or AMD Quad core

4 Gb RAM - Graphic card Direct X 9 compatible with 2 Gb

Download size : 400 Mb, Installation size : 760 Mb

LLH12  CHAMBÉRY airport Chambéry airport LLH12 for P3D v4, v5 and FSX