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System requirements :

P3d v4 or FSX SP2 DX9 (depending on the version chosen), CPU Intel i5 or equivalent, 8 Go RAM, Graphic card with 4 Go Ram

Download size :  800 Mb, Installation size : 1.2 Gb.

The LLH14 scene is compatible with Prepar3D version 4, as well as most additional meshes, ORBX FTX GLOBAL (BASE Pack, openLC Europe, Vector), France VFR Rhône-Alpes PHOTO HD

As with all LLH scenes, the LLH14 scene has specific texture sets for summer and winter

(LLH-Options configuration utility provided).

The Annemasse airport includes animated windsocks and flags, all sensitive to the direction and the strength of the wind.

Jeffrey Staehli's providential SODE module was used to integrate these animations.

SODE (SimObject Display Engine) must be downloaded, installed and configured before the LLH14 scene for these objects to be present and the animations to work.

This is why two versions of LLH14 has been finalized :one for P3d v4, v5  and one for FSX.

The LLH14 - Annemasse airport scene uses a system of volumetric shadows, that means that the objects cast shadows not only on the ground but also on themselves and the surrounding objects.

This technique requires even more detailed modeling for all 3d objects in the scene.

The resulting realism is impressive, the counterpart is the need of a recent simulator.

Initially planned to be multi-platform, the desired level of quality failed to compile this scene for FSX with a display speed and acceptable performance on our test machines.

Click to start the slideshow Diapos LLH14 ANNEMASSE

The Annemasse airport LFLI, on the shores of Lake Geneva and the Alps, has a tarmac track oriented east-west (12/30), a length of 1300 meters and 30 meters wide.

Pilots' attention is drawn to the proximity of Geneva's airspace, with the Geneva-Cointrin LSGG airport located less than 15 kilometers away.

LLH14 AnNemasse airport for P3D for P3D v4 and v5
LLH14 AnNemasse airport for FSX for FSX only